Pat Bearce
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I graduated from USAF TPD in 1986 in Class 86A. My follow on assignment was as a KC-130 Test pilot and C-130 APM for Systems and Engineering at NAVAIR. During this time I was a project pilot pilot for upgraded JATO, Defensive systems, and multiple avionics systems upgrades. After retirement from the Marines in 1990, I was a pilot for Delta Airlines until 2004. From then, till I was hired by Boeing, I was involved in starting and obtaining an operating certificate for Cargo 360, a 747 cargo airline based in Seattle as a management pilot (Flight Technical). Following the sale of that airline, I was hired by Boeing in 2008.

My first test pilot assignment at  Boeing was in the  Military Derivatives group as a general test pilot. I transferred to Commercial programs in 2013 as the 757/767 Chief Pilot. Since employment at Boeing, I have participated full time in GTTA, E-737, FTB, E767, 787-8, 747-8, 747 Intercontinental and  production flight tests. My latest flight assignment was as the Lead Pilot of 787-9 #2 (ZB002) ATC certification project that completed in June 2014. Since 2012, I also have had the additional duty as Project Pilot for KC-46A with focus on ATC/STC and drogue aerial refueling. I am a Flight Test Pilot UM (DER) for the Boeing ODAs in Seattle and Oklahoma City and conduct certification flights on all Boeings commercial models.