Aviation Safety, Human Factors, and Aircraft Accident Investigation Related Web Sites and Guides


North American Flight Test Safety Workshop Tutorial Material: New Items highlighted in yellow

First Flight Anomalies Presentation - Videocast


European Flight Test Safety Workshop Tutorial Material:

2022 London                Unimaginable Hazard ID nimaginable Hazard ID                  ECAST Guidance on Hazards Identification Order 4040.26C


North American Flight Test Safety Workshop Tutorial Material: New Items highlighted in yellow
Workshop Videocasts can be viewed HERE.

2024  Seattle, WA  Huete - FTSC SMS Protocol for Group Breakout   
2022  Palm Beach, FL               SMS Policy & Objectives                       Tutorial Reference       



COVID-19 Resources:
Always consult federal, state, and local guidance for the most up-to-date information. These resources are provided as operational considerations and to aid in developing unique organizational SOPs or CONOPs.

FAA - COVID-19: Updated Interim Occupational Health and Safety Guidance for Air Carriers and Crews FAA - Aircraft Interior Disinfection
Phase One Report: Gate-to-Gate Travel Onboard Aircraft (Report Highlights)Report Highlights) Assessment of Risks of SARS-CoV-2 Transmission During Air Travel and Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions to Reduce Risk Phase One Report: Gate-to-Gate Travel Onboard Aircraft

Covid-19 Flight Test Operations Protocols

Covid-19 Disinfectants Usage in Flight Deck
Covid-19 Road Map V2  Aviation Clean Air (ACA) Ionization
Covid -19 CDC & FAA Airline Guidance   NBAA: Sanitizing Your Business Aircraft During COVID-19Sanitizing Your Business Aircraft During COVID-19
Bullet Point Considerations       COVID-19 Tips for Returning to Work
Covid-19 SAFO                                       Flight Safety Foundation Toolkit
OPSGROUP Covid-19 Super Manual                  Infectious Disease Response Cleaning Standard for FBOs
Garmin Aviation Products Cleaning/Disinfecting Genesys Equipment Cleaning/Disinfecting


Dave Houle Flight Test Accident Archive:

Dave Houle collected historical documentation from many notable aircraft mishaps.  The documentation in this archive ranges from 1929-2011.  Some are anecdotal articles, and others are full accident investigation reports.  We have scanned these into searchable pdf files, available for download.  There is also a rudimentary index of the contents of each file with a brief description of each article.

  1. Review the index to find the incident of interest.
  2. Locate the FT Accident file number (1-8) and page number next in the row of the selected incident to identify which volume contains the summary.
  3. Select the hyperlink of the specified volume, and go to the page number of interest for further details.

In the spirit of sharing lessons learned, if you have similar documentation that you feel will help other test crews, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Summary of Accidents Flight Test Accident Index
Flight Test Accidents Part 1 Flight Test Accidents Part 2
Flight Test Accidents Part 3 Flight Test Accidents Part 4
Flight Test Accidents Part 5 Flight Test Accidents Part 6
Flight Test Accidents Part 7 Flight Test Accidents Part 8


737MAX/Aircraft Certification Related Reports:

CRS Report on Cockpit Automation, Flight Systems and Aircraft Cert JATR Report to FAA Oct 2019
U.S NTSB Safety Recommendation Report ASR 19-01 Boeing 737 MAX FAA Special Committee Response Certification Action Plan 2020
Final SCC Report  


Systems Theoretic Process Analysis (STPA) Resources:

Engineering a Safer and More Secure World              Engineering a Safer World - Systems Thinking Applied to Safety
Systems Theoretic Process Analysis (STPA) Tutorial              STPA Handbook
STAMP Related Publications              STAMP-Based Support Tools


Emergency Planning Resources:

SETP Preparedness Program
(Formerly known as the SETP Partner Handbook)
                         The ERP DRILLIT Template
                         Compliments of Fireside Partners


Safety Management Solutions (SMS) Resources: New Items highlighted in yellow

Safety Management System Practices For Design and Manufacturing

Operator's Flight Safety Handbook, Issue 2

Safety Management Manual (SMM)   Safety Assurance and Safety Culture
SMS International Industry Standard (SM-0001) issue B Manufacturers Safety Management System Pilot Project Report Manufacturers Safety Management System Pilot Project Report

Government Agencies: 

NASA/FAA Flight Test Safety Database

NTSB (US) National Transportation Safety Board
Organization, reports, databases and current releases.
FAA (US) Federal Aviation Administration
Access to FAA and other safety databases.
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization
This website lists ICAO news, publications, library, and other current information.
NAVAIR's home page

 NASA Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS)
ASRS captures confidential reports, analyzes the resulting aviation safety data, and disseminates vital information to the aviation community.

Flight Test and Safety Sites:

Edwards Air Force Base
EAFB home page
Society of Experimental Test Pilots
SETP's home page
NASA Armstrong's home page
Society of Flight Test Engineers
SFTE's home page

Safety and Investigation Sites:

Flight Safety Foundation
Organization, publications, and current information
USAF Safety Center
USAF Safety Center home page
Air Safety Home Page
An aviation safety analyst specializing in air transport accidents organized by airline type of aircraft, date, type of accident etc.
US Army Safety Center
US Army Safety Center home page
Aviation Safety Connection
Commercial, but interesting summary of current happenings in aviation safety, focusing on improved pilot judgment and aeronautical decision making.
US Naval Safety Center
US Naval Safety Center home page
NASA Safety and Risk Management Division
Access to NASA safety and risk management
information and resources.

Human Factors Sites:

NASA Human Factors
The NASA Human Factors Research and Technology Division

FAA Human Factors
Human factors database. Location of Advanced CRM Training Manual
FAA Human Factors Team Report on: The Interfaces Between Flightcrews and Modern Flight Deck Systems
FAA Civil Aeromedical Institute (CAMI)
Information on medical and human factors issues.

Academic Sites:

International Test Pilots School
Access to ITPS information and programs.
National Test Pilot School
Access to NTPS information and programs.

Empire Test Pilot School
Access to ETPS information and programs

United States Naval Test Pilot School
Access to USNTPS information and programs

United States Air Force Test Pilot School
Access to USAFTPS information and programs

French Test Pilot School (EPNER)
Access to EPNER information and programs


Other Interesting Sites:

Helicopter Association International (HAI)
HAI organization, publications, current information.
Vermont Safety Information Resources, Inc
MSDS Library.
Aviation Week
Aviation Week home page