Test Pilot Consultant
Tiltrotor Flight Test Consulting LLC


Marty Shubert is a Graduate of the USNTPS in 1992, with a MS from Georgia Tech in 1991, and a BS from West Point in 1979.  He has 28 years of continuous experience as a test pilot from 1992-2020.  His first Test Pilot assignment with US Army AQTD involved testing of the MH-47E and developing the Army’s first helicopter Terrain-Following Radar capability. He also conducted CH-47D tests for the Army’s revision of Aeronautical Design Standard ADS-33E, which is now considered the standard for modern flight control development in rotorcraft.  For 22 years Marty conducted experimental flight tests of the MV-22 and CV-22 Tiltrotors. These tests included: envelope expansion, aeroservoelastics, structural demonstration, flight loads, handling qualities, performance, propulsion, external loads, aerial refueling, natural icing, and various systems developments.  He was Chief Test Pilot of CV-22 from 1999 to 2005 and flew the first flights of the CV-22 and led the development of the first Terrain-Following Radar capability in a tiltrotor.  From 2010 -2020 he served as the Bell Flight Test Associate Technical Fellow and senior V-22 Test Pilot of the combined government/contractor test team at Patuxent River, MD.  In this capacity he mentored numerous pilots in the unique testing of the tiltrotor and authored test guides on high-risk tiltrotor tests to include aeroservoelastics, structural demonstration and flight loads, the use of flight control excitations for handling qualities assessment, and protocols for in-flight optimization of advanced flight controls. As Associate Technical Fellow for Bell for 10 years, he also advised on flight tests of the Bell 525 and the V280 and authored various best practices.  Marty is presently consulting with NASA, the FAA, Systems Technology Inc, and others in simulations and studies of new Urban Air Mobility concepts and adaptation of ADS-33E to civil certification of these new vehicles. He has authored 11 technical papers presented at AIAA, AHS, SETP, and SFTE symposia and received the Leroy Grumman Award at the 2009 East Coast Symposium.