Stuart Rogerson
Chief Pilot Safety, Standardization and Training

Engineering and Defense Flight Test
Textron Aviation

Graduating from Royal Roads Military College with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Earth Observational Sciences and then the University of Toronto with a Master Applied Science in Aerospace, Stuart spent 20 years in the RCAF as a fighter then test pilot on the CF-18.  Stuart attended USNTPS Class 127 and worked at AETE testing the CF-18 on various upgrades to the avionics, landing gear and flight control software.  After a short stint as an CF-18 instructor pilot, Stuart served as an exchange officer with the 416 FLTS, Edwards AFB flying the F-16.  Projects included EW, avionics, first flight of the GBU-50, airstarts and numerous radar and targeting pod programs.  Stuart was also a designated High AOA instructor on the F-16 and F-18.  Additionally, Stuart was a Flight Safety Officer for both the RCAF and USAF having attended formal safety training with both organizations

In 2011, Stuart started at Textron Aviation on the 680+ program working as the lead pilot on the prototype aircraft for certification.  After becoming a Flight Test Pilot UM, Stuart worked on the 750+ and the 680A.  Next, Stuart was assigned to the 700 Longitude where he was both the lead Flight Test Pilot UM and PIC for the first flight of the prototype aircraft completing all initial stall, stability and control and envelope expansion testing.  He was also a demonstration and mission systems development pilot for the Scorpion jet.  While working these programs, Stuart was also the Test Safety Officer for Textron Aviation.  and is a designated flight test instructor. 

Currently Stuart serves as the company’s Chief Pilot, Safety, Standardization and Training for Engineering and Defense Flight Test.   In this role, Stuart is responsible for the Safety Review Board of all engineering flight test activity.  As well, Stuart maintains responsibility for any flight safety investigations that involve Engineering or Defense operations.  In addition to safety, he remains responsible for both initial and recurrent Pilot and FTE training which includes Textron Aviation’s own in-house training program.  Stuart is also the lead instructor for the company wide Upset Prevention and Recovery Training Program on the T-6.  Finally, Stuart is responsible for all policies and procedures that impact engineering and defense flight operations.  Outside of his Chief Pilot role, Stuart remains an active test pilot at Textron Aviation supporting test programs on both Part 23, Part 25 and defense aircraft.   

Stuart is an Associate Fellow in SETP and has previously served as the Chairman of the West Coast and Central Sections.  Stuart has also served on the Membership committee and the National Board, most recently as a Technical Advisor.  In 2019, Stuart was the Symposium Chairman for the Annual S&B in Anaheim.  He has presented numerous papers to the Central and West Coast sections and the Annual Symposium.