Mark Skoog Award Citation



Mark has led the effort to continue to advance the capability and accessibility of Auto GCAS technology.  He has made numerous design contributions, significantly improving digital terrain data understanding, fidelity and data handling methods. Additionally, he led software development improvements significantly reducing verification times.  His most recent improvements to the technology have adapted it to civil and unmanned aircraft as well as broadening the scope of the technology to address many more flight safety issues such as staying within approved airspace boundaries, avoiding other aircraft.  Over the course of Mark’s career he has led 2 different flight test programs on this collision avoidance technology. Many of these programs required hazardous testing for which he developed test techniques and tools which remain the standard for this type testing today. I was shown a copy of a letter yesterday from a F-16 pilot, in the letter he said that the Auto GCAS saved his life and he hoped to have the opportunity to someday shake the hands of the men and women who developed it.  Mark’s work has saved lives and makes him truly deserving of the recognition afforded by this award.