Flight Test Safety Committee
The Flight Test Safety Committee (FTSC) was formed jointly in November 1994 by membersof the Society of Experimental Test Pilots (SETP),the Society of Flight Test Engineers (SFTE) and the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA). These and numerous additional organizations presently comprisethe FTSC, and are listed on the Members Page. The purpose of the FTSC is to initiate and sustain a flight test related safety organization intended to promote flight safety, reduce the risk of mishap, promote risk reduction management and continually improve the profession's communication and coordination.

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2014 European Flight Test Safety Workshop Information & Registration

European Flight Test Safety Workshop

Manching, Germany

4 - 6 November 2014

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Management of Risks in Flight Test:

Coping with the particularities of flight test risks

How we do it – presentations by diverse organisations

What we have learned, what the future holds


(3 November pm. Bonus optional tour of Audi production line)

4 November – Technical Tour of Airbus Helicopters Test and Production Centre, Donauwörth

4 November – Welcome Reception, Ingolstadt

5 November – Technical Session.  Airbus Defence and Space, Manching

5 November – Evening Get-Together

6 November – Technical Session.  Airbus Defence and Space, Manching

Short visits and static displays

German Flight Test Centre (WTD61) and Airbus Defence and Space

6 November – Dinner



Contingents reserved at Altstadthotel, Adler and Enso, Ingolstadt

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DRAFT Program 8th European Flight Test Safety Workshop November 2014
Mon 3 Nov   Audi Visit
14:00   Depart Hotel Rappensberger, Harder Str 3, Ingolstadt
14:40   Audi Museum tour
16:00   Audi A3 production facility visit
17:00   Return to Rappensberger Hotel
Tue 4 Nov   Technical Visit Airbus Helicopters, Donauwörth
10:00   Depart Rappensberger Hotel, Harder Str 3, Ingolstadt
10:15   Depart Enso Hotel
11:15   Arrive Donauwörth - entry formalities
11:30   Introductory presentations
13:00   Lunch
14:00   Visit Airbus Helicopters flight test centre and production facilities
16:00   Closing remarks, Konferenzzentrum
16:30   Transport to Ingolstadt
17:30   Arrive Enso Hotel, Ingolstadt
17:45   Arrive Hotel Rappensberger
17:00   Welcome reception.    
Grosser Saal, Rappensberger Hotel, Harder Str 3, Ingolstadt
20:00   Reception desk closes
Wed 5 Nov   Technical Session and Dinner
   Notes: Transfer directly from technical sessions to Museum
                   Transport available for those not participating in dinner
                   Spouses tour to Munich terminating at Museum
8:30   Transport from Rappensberger Hotel, Harder Str 3, Ingolstadt
8:45   Transport from Enso Hotel
9:00 0:30 Registration and coffee, Auditorium
Airbus Defence and Space, Rechliner Straße, Manching
9:30 0:05 Welcome and Administrative Birefing, Andrew Warner
9:35 0:05 Welcome from Jerry Whites, SETP/SFTE Flight Test Safety Committe Chairman
9:40 0:10 Keynote address. Herr Steiger, Director WTD61 Bundeswehr Flight Test Centre
9:50   Session 1: Risk Management - How we do it.
9:50 0:30 Boeing Test and Evaluations SMS - How we do it, Lessons learned, The future.
Erich Mahr, Boeing
10:20 0:15 Flight Safety at Flight Test Manching
Michael Vankann, Airbus Defence and Space
10:35 0:15 Marshall Aerospace Flight Test Safety Management
Claudine Maurin, Marshall Aerospace
10:50 0:15 Airbus Helicopters Flight Test Safety Management
Christophe Schlüter and Matthias Klein, Airbus Helicopters
11:05 0:30 Questions and discussion
11:35 0:15 Coffee Break
11:50 0:15 Engineering Systems Inc Safety Management Processes
Ryan Osteroos, Engineering Systems Inc
12:05 0:15 Airbus Flight Test Safety Management
Etienne de Malleray, Airbus
12:20   Discussion Forum. Issue of questionaires.
13:00 1:00 Lunch
14:00   Session 2: Lessons learned from incidents and accidents.
14:00 0:30 NLR Flight Test Safety Management
Robert Tump
14:30 0:30 Reflections on the morning's presentations.
15:00 0:30 Breaking the chain of unfortunate circumstances – in the very last moment
Josef Gietl, Airbus Defence and Space
15:30 0:15 Coffee break
15:45 0:30 Implementation of Safety Management System principles in flight testing
Jerzy Bakunowicz, Kamil Kosacki, Tomasz Rogalski, Rzeszow University of Technology
16:15 0:30 Safety Risk Management during Flight Test of the F-16 Automatic Air Collision Avoidance System
Michael Pacini and Jessica Peterson, US Air Force
16:45   Discussion Forum
17:30   Transport to Deutsches Museum Oberschleissheim (near Munich)
18:30   Arrive at Museum. Visit exhibits
19:30   Dinner, Deutsches Museum, Oberschleissheim
Guest Speaker - Rogers Smith
Safety Award Presentation
22:00   Transport to Ingolstadt
23:00   Arrive Hotels Ingolstadt
Thu 6 Nov   Technical session followed by closing get-together in Keltenmuseum
8:30   Transport from Rappensberger Hotel
8:45   Transport from Enso Hotel
9:15   Session 3: Risk management of flight test campaigns
9:15 0:30 "Kick the tire, catch the wire"
Test Certification Trials for two Emergency Arrestment Systems
Markus Rüdinger, Bundeswehr Flight Test Centre WTD61
9:45 0:30 Flight Test integration of Safety in the test planning and execution phases
Ian Meneely and Andrew Seator, US Navy
10:15 0:30 Enhanced FBI
Chris Worning, Airbus Defence and Space
10:45 0:15 Coffee break
11:00   Discussion Forum
11:45   Visit and static display Airbus / WTD61 / DLR
13:00   Lunch
14:00   Session 4: Future Challenges
14:00 0:30 Why do Smart Pilots Crash Smart Airplanes?
Leo Janssens
14:30 0:30 Risk Management for the flight test of an optionally piloted helicopter
Antoine van Gent and Robert Gassenmeyer, Airbus Helicopters
15:00 0:15 Coffee Break
15:15 0:30 Training and Automation - A Winning Combination
Rogers Smith, Smithaero
15:45   Wash-Up, Questionaire feedback and Discussion Forum
17:15   Transport to Keltenmuseum
17:30   Evening event: Get-together in Römer Kelten Museum
20:00   Transport to Hotels